Delta Stamps Fact File No. 12

Post and Go Machine Labels
and the Locations of the Post Office Branches


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Post and Go Machines were introduced on 8th October 2008 when the first Office - The Galleries , Bristol became operational. The machines allow the weighing of items and production of point of sale Postage Labels which are on self adhesive paper. Two types of Postage Label can be dispensed by the machine - one on a blank base label which is for a specific weighed item and is produced with a 'Post By' printed date. The labels also carry a service indicator such as 'A', '2L', '2LL', '1LL', '1PK', etc and the postage amount paid.
The second type is on a preprinted label (an example appears below and was known as a Faststamp) and could have one of five selectable NVI value rates. Strips of up to five labels could be dispensed at once (any combination of values). The Faststamps are not tied to a 'Post By' date. The Point of Sale machines print is produced using a thermal printer :-

Machin Labels with Year Codes

In February 2013 a Cyan / Blue coloured Machin Head label was introduced for vending second class rates - 2nd and 2nd Large. These labels had a year code - MA12 in the wavyline 'ROYAL MAIL' text just in front of the Queens forehead. In July 2013 the olive brown Machin Label was issued with the year code MA13 - again just in front of the Queens forehead.

The Year Code format changed in 2016. Starting with the Cyan 2nd Class NVI Label the year code was CL16S. The Olove Brown 1st Class NVI labels didn't appear with a new form Year code until late 2018 with a format R17YAL.

Cyan / Blue Label 2nd Class; year code MA12
Olive Brown with year code MA13
Cyan / Blue Label 2nd Class; year code CL16S (centred; in the line of the bridge of Queens nose).
The large text line of wavyline text reads '2nd CLASS'
Olive Brown with year code R17YAL (centred; in the line of the bridge of Queens nose).

  Base Design Description Issue Date
Machin Olive brown - for first class tariff rates 8 Oct 2008
  Machin Cyan - for second class tariff rates with year code - 'MAI2' 20 Feb 2013
  Machin Olive brown - for first class tariff rates with year code - 'MAI3' 19 Jul 2013
  Machin Cyan - for second class tariff rates with year code - 'MAI3' 20 Nov 2013
  Machin Olive brown - for first class tariff rates with year code - 'MAI4' 27 Jun 2014
  Machin Cyan - for second class tariff rates with year code - 'MAI4' 22 Sep 2014
  Machin Yellowish brown - for first class tariff rates with year code - 'MAI5' Dec 2015
  Machin Cyan - for second class tariff rates with year code - 'MAI5' May 2016
  Machin Olive brown - for first class tariff rates with year code - 'MAI6' Jun 2016

Cyan - for second class tariff rates with year code - 'CLI6S'
~wavyline text now includes '2nd CLASS'

Aug 2016
  Machin Cyan - for second class tariff rates with year code - 'CLI7S'
~wavyline text now includes '2nd CLASS'
Sep 17
  Machin Olive brown - for first class tariff rates with year code - 'RI7YAL' Dec 18
  Machin Olive brown - for first class tariff rates with year code - 'RI8YAL' May 19
  Machin Cyan - for second class tariff rates with year code - 'CLI8S'
~wavyline text now includes '2nd CLASS'
Nov 19
  Machin Olive brown - for first class tariff rates with year code - 'RI9YAL' Nov 19
  Machin Olive brown - for first class tariff rates with year code - 'R20YAL' Jul 20

Post and Go Machine Labels ~ Point of Sale Text

Originally, the text occupied a balanced image area to the left of the Queens portrait. With the introduction of the 'Birds' pictorial Post and Go labels it was necessary to modify the machines software to cater for the new design which occupied a good half of the label. Thus the Point of Sale text had to be compacted and centred on the left hand side. Apparently, this software change could not be carried out remotely and an engineer had to attend site to upgrade each machine. As a consequence, some machines were modified prior to the 'Birds' introduction date of 17th September 2010, resulting in the Machin design label being used with the revised 'compact' point of sale text.

Wincor - Nixdorf (standard Post Office machines)
Wincor Type I Text - Original
'Up to' has the 'U' in uppercase
Wincor Type II Text - Compact
'up to' has the 'u' is lowercase
NCR (new generation Post Office machines, introduced 2014)
NCR Type II Text - Compact

During 2014, new models of Post & Go machines were installed throughout the Post Office network and these replaced existing Wincor kit. The new generation machines are manufactured by NCR. The main features include :-

Original plain label ex Wincor
Open Value ex NCR

During late 2016, the NCR Post & Go machines were upgraded to include a third printer. This third printer produced a new style of Open Value label akin to the prevailing Horizon labels. The new style of Open Value labels was larger and they were vended for items over 100g. These labels include a tracking PRN code and this and other information can be extracted by scanning the QR code. The labels have a hidden date code MAI6 which occurs just behind the band of the Queens diadem. The labels don't carry phosphor bands and don't have die cut perforations.

New Style Open Value NCR Post & Go Label with QR code
Year Code MAI6

  Base Design Description Issue Date
Machin Olive brown - tariff rates above 100g with year code - 'MAI6' 20 Sep 2016
  Machin Olive brown - tariff rates above 100g with year code - 'MAI7' July 2017

Exhibition Machines

A new type of printer was used to produce the Post & Go labels at the Stampex exhibition in February 2011. This produced the Type II - Compact text albeit with a slightly 'taller' typeface. The second line starting with 'Up to' has the 'U' in uppercase for Type I Text original typeface, whilst the 'u' is lowercase for Type II Text.

Exhibition Machines (Royal Mail machines)
Type II Text - Compact (Stampex Feb 2011)
printed by Hytech machine
Type IIa Text - Compact (Autumn Stampex 2012*)
printed by RM Series I machine
Type IIb Text - Compact (Spring Stampex 2014**)
printed by RM Series II machine

The Hytech print used a variant of Type II Text - notice the '20g' elements on the line below 'Europe'; and the code line - the second group has 2 digits (was 1), the third group has 6 digits (was 5) (see table below).

* The Type IIa Text variant produced by RM Series I machines first appeared at Autumn Stampex 2012, however, the Machin label version was not issued until November 2012. The text is broadly the same, however, the code line used an alpha numeric first group (see table below).

** The Type IIb Text variant produced by RM Series II machines first appeared at Spring Stampex 2014 and used a new IAR printer. These had a special 'Stampex 2014' text overprint; those with standard text (as above) were available at Salisbury Stamp Show March 2014. Again, the text is broadly the same, however, the code line changed - the second group is four characters and the third group is reduced to four digits (see table below).

Code Line (bottom line) Identification

The four code blocks produced as the bottom line on the label start with the Branch Office code number.

Branch Office Id Machine Session No. Transaction No. Machine Supplier
Six digits One digit Five digits Two digits Wincor - Nixdorf
e.g 003912 1-07769-03
Six digits Two digits Six digits Two digits Hytech
e.g 002011 22-004470-03
Six characters Two chars Six digits Two digits RM Series I
e.g ANGB12 A3-000201-03
Six characters Four chars Four digits Three digits RM Series II (2014)
e.g B2GB14 A003-0359-003
Six digits Two digits Six digits Two digits NCR (2014)
e.g 008033 68-000924-03

Branch Office Identification Codes and Locations

~~All Wincor machines had been withdrawn by the end of March 2015.
Office Id Office Branch Address Location Postcode
002001* Balham 92a Balham High Road London SW12 9AF
002004** Crouch End 28-29 Topsfield Parade London N8 8QB
002006** Acton 23-29 King Street London W3 9LD
002009* Albemarle Street 43-44 Albemarle Street London W1S 4DS
002011** Eccleston Street 6 Eccleston Street London SW1W 9LS
002014** Dartford 19 Hythe Street Dartford Kent DA1 1AB
002206* Crewe Town 15 Delamere Street Crewe CW1 2HP
002313** Durham 33 Silver Street Durham DH1 3RE
002458* Hastings 21-22 George Street Hastings TN34 3EG
002555** Truro High Cross Truro TR1 2AP
002647* Aberystwyth 8 Great Darkgate Street Aberystwyth SY23 1DE
002801** Union Street 489 Union Street Aberdeen AB11 6AZ
002820** Dundee 4 Meadowside Dundee DD1 1AA
002832** St Vincent Street 47 St Vincent Street Glasgow G2 5QX
002840** Inverness 14-16 Queensgate Inverness IV1 1AX
002939** Reading 21-22 Market Place Reading RG1 2DQ
003009** Baker Street 111 Baker Street London W1U 6SG
003129** Stevenage 22-23 Westgate Stevenage SG1 1QR
003202* Boston 18 Wide Bargate Boston PE21 6AE
003210** Grantham 18-20 St Peters Hill Grantham NG31 6AA
003227** Beeston Chilwell Road Nottingham NG9 1AA
003313* Chester Le Street 137 Front Street Chester Le Street DH3 3AA
003422** Manchester 26 Spring Gardens Manchester M2 1BB
003824* St James 8-10 St James Centre Edinburgh EH1 3SR
003912** Horsham 15 Carfax Horsham RH12 1ER
003937** Cosham 13 High Street, Cosham Portsmouth PO6 3EH
003948** Five Ways 18 Grosvenor Road Tunbridge Wells TN1 2AD
004003** Houndsditch 11 White Kennet Street London E1 7BS
004007** Blackfriars Road 52 Blackfriars Road London SE1 8NN
004008** Chelsea 353 King's Road London SW3
004010** High Holborn 181 High Holborn London WC1V 7RL
004112** Bury St Edmunds 17-18 Cornhill Bury St Edmunds IP33 1AA
004134** Leighton Buzzard 7-9 Church Square Leighton Buzzard LU7 1AA
004202* Boston 27 Strait Bargate Boston PE21 6EG
004208* Kidderminster Crown House, Bull Ring Kidderminster DY10 2DS
004230** Stamford All Saints Place Stamford PE9 2EY
004238** Longton 51-53 Bennett Precinct Longton ST3 2HR
004337** Scarborough 11-15 Aberdeen Walk Scarborough YO11 1AB
004546** Eastleigh 14 High Street Eastleigh SO50 5TA
004552** Paignton 34 Torquay Road Paignton TQ3 3EX
004900** Camberley 15 Princess Way Camberley GU15 3SP
004904** Basingstoke 5-7 London Street Basingstoke RG21 7AB
004948** Sevenoaks South Park Sevenoaks TN13 1AA

Office Id Office Branch Address Location Postcode
005006** Paddington Quay Unit 6, 4 Praed Street,
West End Quay
London W2 1JE
005008** Clapham Common 161-163 Clapham High St Clapham Common SW4 7ST
005206* Crewe Town 13 Victoria Centre Crewe CW1 2PU
005226** Kettering 17 Lower Street Kettering NN16 8AA
005320** Huddersfield 102-104 New Street Huddersfield HD1 2UD
005343** Sunderland 45-47 Fawcett Street Sunderland SR1 1RR
005349** York 22 Lendal York YO1 8DA
005424** Oldham 3-5 Lord Street Oldham OL1 3HP
005427* Southport 130c Lord Street Southport PR9 0AA
005432** Hyde 30-32 Market Place Hyde SK14 2QU
005519** Honiton 64 High Street Honiton EX14 1PB
005912* Haywards Heath 5-6 The Orchards Haywards Heath RH16 3XX
005925** Bexhill-On-Sea Devonshire Square Bexhill-On-Sea TN40 1AA
005946** Maidenhead 114 High Street Maidenhead SL6 1PT
005948** Tonbridge 5 Angel Walk Tonbridge TN9 1TJ
006004** Finsbury Park 290 Seven Sisters Road London N4 2AB
006007** London Bridge 19a Borough High Street London SE1 9SF
006008** Earls Court 185 Earls Court Road London SW5 9RB
006009** Great Portland St 54-56 Great Portland Street London W1W 7NE
006134** Arndale The Arndale Centre,
42-44 Smith Lane
Luton LU1 2LP
006247** Tenbury Wells Spar, 54-64 Teme Street Tenbury Wells WR15 8AA
006406** Bolton 124 Deansgate Bolton BL1 1AD
006434** St Helens 39 Bridge Street St Helens WA10 1NY
006504** Trowbridge 1a Roundstone Street Trowbridge BA14 8DA
006542** Andover 32 Bridge Street Andover SP10 1AB
006613* Carmarthen 9-10 King Street Carmarthen SA31 1AA
006925* Hastings 16 Cambridge Road Hastings TN34 1AA
006939** Newbury 39 Cheap Street Newbury RG14 5BS
006940** Dorking 175 High Street Dorking RH4 1SA
007012** Orpington 214 High Street Orpington BR6 0PT
007023** New Malden 150 High Street New Malden KT3 4ER
007113* Cambridge 9-11 St Andrew St Cambridge CB2 3AA
007227** Nottingham Queen Street Nottingham NG1 2BN
007311** Doncaster 24 Priory Place Doncaster DN1 1AA
007432* Macclesfield 23 Castle Street Macclesfield SK11 6AW
007824** Frederick Street 40 Frederick Street Edinburgh EH2 1EY
007859** Paisley Piazza Shopping Centre,
34-36 Central Way
Paisley PA1 1AA
007900** Farnham 107 West Street Farnham GU9 7PJ
007912** Crawley 7 The Boulevard Crawley RH10 1AA
007941** Sittingbourne Central Avenue Sittingbourne ME10 4AA
008005** Golders Green 879 Finchley Road London NW11 8RT
008008** Brixton 250 Ferndale Road London SW9 8BQ
008010** Aldwych Aldwych Crown Office,
95 Aldwych
London WC2B 4JN
008026** Romford 17 Farnham Road Romford RM3 8EJ
008033** Harpenden 9 Station Road Harpenden AL5 4AA
008104* Basildon 25 East Square Basildon SS14 1AA
008113** Cambridge City 57-58 St Andrews Street Cambridge CB2 3BZ
008124** Harlow 1 Stone Cross Harlow CM20 1AA
008208* Kidderminster 19-20 Vicar Street Kidderminster DY10 1DD
008434** Warrington Golden Square Warrington WA1 1QB
008523** Stroud 16-17 Russell St Stroud GL5 3AA
008539** St Andrews Cross 5 St Andrews Cross Plymouth PL1 1AB
008618** Hereford 14-15 St Peters Street Hereford HR1 2LE
008844** Dunfermline 42-44 Queen Anne Street Dunfermline KY12 7AA
008912** Haywards Heath 59-63 South Road Haywards Heath RH16 4LQ
008939** Wokingham 16 Broad Street Wokingham RG40 1AA
008946** Windsor 38-39 Peascod Street Windsor SL4 1AA

Office Id Office Branch Address Location Postcode
009005** Hampstead 79-81a Hampstead High Street London NW3 1QL
009013** High Street 10 High Street Croydon CR9 1HT
009104** Basildon WHS, 29 Town Street Basildon SS14 1BA
009109* Crown Walk 17-19 Crown Walk Milton Keynes MK9 3AH
009140** Southend-on-Sea 199-201 High Street Southend-On-Sea SS1 1LL
009246** Redditch Thread Needle House,
Alcester Street
Redditch B98 8AB
009306** Darley Street 38-40 Darley Street Bradford BD1 3HN
009320** Halifax Commercial Street Halifax HX1 1AD
009323** St Johns 116 Albion Street Leeds LS2 8LP
009340** Rotherham 3-5 Bridgegate Rotherham S60 1PJ
009406** Wigan 28 Wallgate Wigan WN1 1AD
009420** Corn Exchange India Building, Water Street Liverpool L2 0RR
009422* Brazennose Brazennose House,
21 Brazennose St
Manchester M2 5BS
009432** Stockport 36-40 Great Underbank Stockport SK1 1QF
009614** Chester 2 St John Street Chester CH1 1AA
009641** Oswestry 17 Willow Street Oswestry SY11 1AG
009908** Worthing Chapel Road Worthing BN11 1AA
009912** Horsham WHS, 14-15 Swan Walk Horsham RH12 1HQ
010004* Holloway 482 Holloway Road London N7 6HY
010011** Broadway 1 Broadway London SW1H 0AX
010033** St Peters Street 14 St Peters Street St Albans AL1 3AA
010109** Milton Keynes 802 Midsummer Boulevard Milton Keynes MK9 3QA
010116** Colchester 68-70 North Hill Colchester CO1 1PX
010140** Southend on Sea WHS, 207 High St Southend on Sea SS1 1LN
010242** Walsall Darwall Street Walsall WS1 1AA
010306* Keighley 44 Towngate Keighley BD21 3NL
010320** Huddersfield Northumberland Street Huddersfield HD1 1AA
010549** Yeovil King George Street Yeovil BA20 1PZ
010925** Ashford Tufton Street Ashford TN23 1AA
010937** Portsmouth Slindon Street Portsmouth PO1 1AB
010941** Faversham East Street Faversham ME13 8AA
010948** Tonbridge WHS, 35-37 High Street Tonbridge TN9 1SD
011001** Raynes Park 1a Amity Grove London SW20 0LL
011006* Kensington High St 257 Kensington High Street London W8
011008** Knightsbridge 6 Raphael Street London SW7 1DL
011124** Harlow WHS, 32 Broad Walk Harlow CM20 1JD
011306* Keighley 27 Cooke Lane Keighley BD21 3PF
011309** Darlington Crown Street Darlington DL1 1AB
011313** Durham WHS, 22-23 Market Place Durham DH1 3NJ
011323** Pudsey 37 Church Lane West Yorkshire LS28 7LB
011340* Chesterfield 1 Market Place Chesterfield S40 1TL
011519** Exmouth 4-6 Chapel Street Exmouth EX8 1LU
011704** Belfast City 12-16 Bridge Street Belfast BT1 1LT
011925** Hastings WHS, Queens Road, Priory Meadow Hastings TN34 1PH
011939** Newbury WHS, 87-89 Northbrook Street Newbury RG14 1AE
012006** Kensington High St 208-210 Kensington High Street London W8 7RG
012012** Orpington WHS, 189-193 High Street Orpington BR6 0PF
012137** Banbury 57-58 High Street Banbury OX16 5LB
012311** Grimsby 67-71 Victoria Street Grimsby DN31 1AA
012555** Penzance 113 Market Jew Street Penzance TR18 2LB
012941** Maidstone 89 Bank Street Maidstone ME14 1SD
013002** Dalston 118-120 Kingsland High St London E8 2NX
013004** Muswell Hill 420 Muswell Hill Broadway London N10
013201** Birmingham 1 Pinfold Street Birmingham B2 4AA
013207* Derby Victoria Street Derby DE1 1DD
013427** Chorley Cleveland Street Chorley PR7 1AW
013508** Westbourne 10-12 Seamoor Road Bouremouth BH4 9AP
013632* Newport 9 Bridge Street Newport NP20 1AZ
014004** North Finchley 751 High Road North Finchley N12 8LF
014013* High Street Sutton 107 St Nicholas Centre,
High Street
Sutton SM1 1AX
014130** Tower Ramparts 29 Tower Ramparts Centre,
Tavern St
Ipswich IP1 3DN
014137** Oxford 102-104 St Aldates Oxford OX1 1ZZ
014311** Doncaster WHS, 14-16 West Mall Doncaster DN1 1ST
014323** The Markets 6-16 New York Street Leeds LS2 7DZ
014340** Barnsley 4 Pitt Street Barnsley S70 1AA
014523** Gloucester Kings Square Gloucester GL1 1AD
014613** Carmarthen WHS, 7-8 Guildhall Square Carmarthen SA31 1PN
014859** Paisley WHS, 14-16 High Street Paisley PA1 2BS
014937** Fareham 117 West Street Fareham PO16 0AU

Office Id Office Branch Address Location Postcode
015005** Kilburn 79a Kilburn High Road London NW6 6JG
015008** Kings Walk Kings Walk Shopping Centre,
122 Kings Rd
London SW3 4TR
015010** Trafalgar Square 24-28 William IV Street London WC2N 4DL
015130** Ipswich WHS, 12-14 Westgate Street Ipswich IP1 3EG
015207** Derby Babington Lane Derby DE1 1SD
015427* Southport 22 Chapel Street Southport PR8 1AF
015504** City of Bath 27 Northgate Street Bath BA1 1AJ
015523** Cirencester Castle Street Cirencester GL7 1QA
015546** Eastleigh WHS, Unit 34, The Swan Shopping Eastleigh SO50 5SG
015555** Truro WHS, 9 Pydar Street Truro TR1 2AX
015820* Perth 109 South Street Perth PH2 8AF
015937** Petersfield 29 The Square Petersfield GU32 3HG
016001* Wandsworth 1 Arndale Walk London SW18 4BL
016007** Kennington Park 410 Kennington Road London SE11 4QA
016020** Wealdstone 4-12 Headstone Drive Harrow HA3 5QL
016136** Lowestoft 51 London Road North Lowestoft NR32 1AA
016340** Sheffield 34-36 Haymarket Sheffield S1 2AX
016820** Perth WHS, 91-97 High Street Perth PH1 5TJ
017227** Beeston WHS, 25 High Road Beeston NG9 2JQ
017230** Peterborough City 28-30 Cowgate Peterborough PE1 1NA
017246** Solihull 44c Drury Lane Solihull B91 3AA
017340** Chesterfield WHS, 4 Middle Pavement Chesterfield S40 1PA
017907** Terminus Road 143-145 Terminus Road Eastbourne BN21 3NS
017937** Bognor Regis High Street Bognor Regis PO21 1RG
018002** Poplar 22 Market Square London E14 6AB
018611** Bridgend 4-5 Wyndham Street Bridgend CF31 1AB
018937** Chichester 10 West Street Chichester PO19 1AB
019001** Battersea 202 Lavender Hill London SW11 1AB
019005** St Johns Wood 28-32 Circus Road London NW8 6PE
019006* Paddington 128-142 Praed Street London W2
019013** Sutton 19 Grove Road Sutton SM1 1DX
019136** Castle Mall 84-85 Castle Meadow Walk,
Castle Mall
Norwich NR1 3DD
019230** Peterborough WHS, 32-36 Bridge Street Peterborough PE1 1DP
019519** Barnstaple 39-40 Boutport Street Barnstaple EX31 1SB
019539** Plymouth WHS, 73-75 New George Street Plymouth PL1 1RP
019632** Newport 19 Sovereign Arcade,
Kingsway Centre
Newport NP20 1EB
020005* Swiss Cottage 18 Harben Parade, Finchley Road London NW3 6JU
020006** Shepherds Bush 65-69 The Green London W12 8QF
020323** Harrogate 11 Cambridge Road Harrogate HG1 1AA
020511** The Galleries Castle Gallery, The Galleries,
Bristol BS1 3XX
  This was the first office to introduce Post and Go machine labels on 8th October 2008.
020937** Fareham WHS, 4 Savoy Buildings, West St Fareham PO16 0AG
021329** South Shields Kepple Street South Shields NE33 1AA
021519** City of Exeter 28 Bedford Street Exeter EX1 1GJ
022020** Harrow 14 College Road Harrow HA1 1BE
022511** Nailsea Crown Glass Place Nailsea BS48 1RA
022519** Exmouth WHS, 19 Chapel St Exmouth EX8 1HW
023001** Wandsworth 54-60 Wandsworth High Street London SW18 4LD
023004** Upper Holloway 14 Junction Road London N19 5TA
023201** Harborne 85, High Street, Harborne Birmingham B17 9ND
023323** Wakefield 1-3 Providence Street Wakefield WF1 3BD
024003* Ludgate Circus (Old) 16-18 New Bridge Street London EC4V 6HX
024004** Wood Green 191 High Road, Wood Green London N22 6DZ
025003* Broadgate 35 Broadgate Circle London EC2M 2BY
025006** London WHS, Unit 1087, Westfield Shop Wood Lane London W12 7GD
025007** Sydenham 44 Sydenham Road London SE26 5QX
025824** Edinburgh

5-6 Princes Mall,
Waverly Bridge

Edinburgh EH1 1BQ
026003** Mount Pleasant Rosebery Avenue London EC1R 4SQ
026007** Walworth 234 Walworth Road London SE17 1JD
026329** South Shields 8 King Street South Shields NE33 1HT
026611** City of Cardiff 45-46 Queens Arcade,
Queen Street
Cardiff CF10 2BY
027020** Southall 38 The Broadway Southall UB1 1PY
027026** Ilford Quidsaver, 115-123 High Street, Barkingside Ilford IG6 2DU
028003** Old Street 205 Old Street London EC1V 9QN
029008** Brixton 242 Ferndale Road London SW9 8FR
029614** Wrexham 15 Henblas Street Wrexham LL13 8AE
030003** The City of London 12 Eastcheap London EC3M 1AJ
031002** South Woodford 139 George Lane London E18 1AL
031004** Islington 160-161 Upper Street London N1 1US
031005** Barnet 63-65 High Street Barnet EN5 5UU
032004* Holloway 116-120 Seven Sisters Road London N7 6AE
034323** Wakefield WHS, Trinity Walk Shop. Centre Wakefield WF1 1QS
034907** Eastbourne WHS, 110 Terminus Road Eastbourne BN21 3AL
037005** Hoddesdon 72 High Street Hoddesdon EN11 8HB
039007** Sydenham ZCO Ltd, 44 Sydenham Road London SE26 5QX
041005** Camden High Street 112-114 Camden High Street London NW1 0RR
042005** Swiss Cottage WHS, 9-10 Harben Parade, Finchley Road London NW3 6JS
053946** Burnham 74 High Street Slough SL1 7JT
054011** Westminster Ryman, 5-11 Regent St., St. James, Westminster London SW1Y 4LR
054832** Glasgow 136 West Nile Street Glasgow G1 2RD
055010** Covent Garden Robert Dyas, Queensland House, 393 Strand, Covent Garden London WC2
058006** Hammersmith WHS, 16 Kings Mall, King St London W6
062937** Emsworth Co-op, 2 High Street Emsworth PO10 7AW
062946** Slough WHS, 176 High Street Slough SL1 1JN
073422** Manchester Town Hall, Mount St, Albert Sq Manchester M2 5DB
074005* Neasden Tesco, Great Central Way London NW10
085923** Guildford Town 171-173 High Street Guildford GU1 3AJ
100003* Farringdon Road 39-41 Farringdon Road London EC1M 3JB
100615** Chester WHS, 5-7 Foregate St Chester CH1 1HH
101003** Moorgate Essentials - Food to Go,
45 London Wall
London EC2M 5TE
106003** Old Street Co-op, 185 - 187 Old Street London EC1V 9NP
115940** Redhill WHS, Belfry Shopping Centre Redhill RH1 1SA
121012** Bromley WHS, 132-138 High Street Bromley BR1 1EX
125102** Aylesbury WHS, 25-29 High Street Aylesbury HP20 1SH
127904** Basingstoke WHS, The Malls Shop. Ctr., 5-7 Old Basing Mall Basingstoke RG21 7AW
131908** Worthing WHS, 15 South Street Worthing BN11 3AP
133134** Luton WHS, 61-63 The Shopping Mall Luton LU1 2TF
139006** Ealing WHS, 21-23 The Broadway London W5 2NH
145900** Camberley WHS, 51-53 High Street Camberley GU15 3RB
148900** Farnham WHS, 14 The Borough Farnham GU9 7NF
150539** Plympton Co-op, 57A Ridgeway, Plympton Plymouth PL7 2AW
153424** Ashton WHS, Arcade Shopping Centre, Warrington Street Ashton under Lyne OL6 7JE
153641** Shrewsbury WHS, Unit 25 Upper Mall,
Darwin Centre
Shrewsbury SY1 1BN
155025** Hounslow WHS, 201-205 High Street Hounslow TW3 1BL
156025** Richmond WHS, 16-17 George Street Richmond upon Thames TW9 1JS
157014** Sidcup Londis, 3-4 Blackfen Parade Sidcup DA15 9LU
167923** Haslemere Real Eng Drink Ho, 3 West Street Haslemere GU27 2AF
168923** Woking WHS, 41-43 Commercial Way Woking GU21 6XR
169129** Stevenage WHS, 95 Queensway Stevenage SG1 1EA
170504** Shepton Mallet McColl's, 30 High Street (AKA Town St. Branch) Shepton Mallet BA4 5AN
171023** Surbiton McColl's, 2 Victoria Road Surbiton KT6 4JU
172401** Knutsford Co-Op, 7 Princess Street Knutsford WA16 6BY
173033** Watford WHS, Intu Shopping Centre,
165 The Harlequin
Watford WD17 2TF
173946** Maidenhead WHS, 16-22 Kings Walk Maidenhead SL6 1LB
175014** Dartford WHS, 19-21 High Street Dartford DA1 1DT
178112** Bury St Edmunds WHS, 15 Cornhill Bury St Edmunds IP33 1DY
178912** Crawley WHS, 23-24 County Mall Crawley RH10 1FF
179912** Haywards Heath WHS, 65 South Road Haywards Heath RH16 4LQ
180033** Harpenden WHS, 29 High Street Harpenden
190548** Faringdon McColl's, 20 Market Place Faringdon SN7 7HU
190923** Guildford WHS, 56 High Street Guildford GU1 3ES
193002** Walthamstow 206 High Street Walthamstow E17 7JH
194002** East Ham WHS, 125 High Street North East Ham E6 1HZ
195642** Swansea WHS, Quadrant Shopping Centre Swansea SA1 3QW
196832** Glasgow Penny Black, 533 Sauchiehall Street Glasgow G3 7PH

Office Id Office Branch Address Location Postcode
200518* Dorchester CFPO Trinity Street Dorchester DT1 1DH
203116** Colchester WHS, Lion Walk Shopping Centre, 19 Culver Walk Colchester CO1 1LX
204004** Wood Green WHS, 110 High Road Wood Green N22 6HE
204925** Ashford WHS, 70-72 High Street Ashford TN24 8TB
205026** Ilford WHS, 50 The Exchange, High Road Ilford IG1 1DQ
208005** Camden Uni Off, Equip (UK) Ltd, 124 Camden High Street Camden NW1 0LU
208026** Romford WHS, 8 The Liberty Romford RM1 3RL
212114** Chelmsford WHS, 75 High Street Chelmsford CM1 1EJ
237210** Grantham WHS, 49-51 High Street Grantham NG31 6PH
239007** Woolwich WHS, 68-72 Powis Street Woolwich SE18 6LQ
241007** Lewisham WHS, Unit 59, Lewisham Centre Lewisham SE13 7EP
242007* Tudor Street (Ludgate Circus) Tudor Street London EC4V 6HX
242941** Maidstone WHS, 38-42 Week Street Maidstone ME14 1RP
246007** South Norwood 85-87 High Street London SE25 6EA
253904** Folkestone WHS, 57-59 Sandgate Road Folkestone CT20 1TU
254909** Canterbury WHS, 19 St George Street Canterbury CT1 2LB
259539** Saltash McColls, 36-38 Fore Street Saltash PL12 6JL
260844** Dunfermline WHS, 111-113 High Street Dunfermline KY12 7DR
261907** Brighton WHS, 2-3 Churchill Sq Shopping Brighton BN1 2TA
262539** St Budeaux Co op, 2Victoria Road St Budeaux PL5 1RQ
263937** Chichester Sussex Stationers, 9 North St Chichester PO19 1LF
264937** Bognor Regis WHS, 10 London Road Bognor Regis PO21 1PY
268939** Reading WHS, 39 Broad Street Reading RG1 2AD
269939** Wokingham WHS, 26-28 Market Place Wokingham RG40 1AN
272020** Hayes WHS, 6-8 Station Road Hayes UB3 4DA
273020** Uxbridge WHS, 148 High Street Uxbridge UB8 1JY
278020** Greenford 400 Greenford Rd Greenford UB6 9AJ
281020** Harrow WHS, Unit 14, St Anns Shopping Centre, St Anns Road Harrow HA1 1AS
281323** Moortown Co op, 399 Harrogate Road Leeds LS17 6DJ
283242** Walsall WM Print, 71-75 Park Street Walsall WS1 1NW
287337** Scarborough WHS, 106-107 West Borough Scarborough YO11 1LD
304618** Hereford WHS, 25-26 High Street Hereford HR1 2DJ
309306** Oakworth Co-op, Victoria Rd, Oakworth Keighley BD22 7HT
310424** Oldham WHS, 2 Town Sq Shopping Centre Oldham OL1 1XF
312247** Worcester WHS, 65 High Street Worcester WR1 2EH
312327** Middlesbrough WHS, Cleveland Centre,
17-19 Centre Mall
Middlesbrough TS1 2NR
314340** Creswell Spar, 3 Elmton Road Creswell S80 4HD
316321** Hull WHS, 10-20 Prospect Centre Hull HU2 8PN
318434** Warrington WHS, 18 The Mall Warrington WA1 1QE
329247** Tenbury Wells 2 Market Square Tenbury Wells WR15 8BL
331434** St Helens Church Sq Shopping Centre,
21 Lagrange Arcade
St Helens WA10 1BN
347504** Bath WHS, 6-7 Union Street Bath BA1 1RT
348504** Trowbridge WHS, 43-44 Fore Street Trowbridge BA14 8EJ
349320** Halifax WHS, 5 Market Street Halifax HX1 1PB
356320** Huddersfield ZCO Ltd, 65-67 New Street Huddersfield HD1 2BQ
359542** Andover WHS, 31 High Street Andover SP10 1LJ
360546** Southampton WHS, 32-34 Above Bar Street Southampton SO14 7LE
361546** Winchester WHS, 110 High Street Winchester SO23 9AH
362832** Glasgow WHS, 177 Sauchiehall Street Glasgow G2 3ER
371832** Clydebank Premier Stores, Unit 27,
Sylvania Way
Clydebank G81 2RR
377832** Glasgow Penny Black, 721-723 Great Western Road Glasgow G12 8QX
390406** Wigan WHS, Grand Arcade,
1 Standishgate
Wigan WN1 1UG
391349** York WHS, 39-41 Coney Street York YO1 9QL
398306** Bradford WHS, The Broadway Centre,
Unit 22 Charles Street Mall
Bradford BD1 1US

Office Id Office Branch Address Location Postcode
401801** Aberdeen WHS, St Nicholas Centre Aberdeen AB10 1HW
402137** Banbury WHS, 23-24 Castle Quay Shopping Centre, Castle Street Banbury OX16 5UE
403137** Summertown Co-op, 228-240 Banbury Road Oxford OX27By
415309** Darlington WHS, 37B Cornmill Shopping Centre, Priestgate Darlington DL1 1LS
422205** Coventry WHS, West Orchards Shopping Centre, Smithfield Way Coventry CV1 1QS
431523** Cheltenham WHS, 192-194 High Street Cheltenham GL50 1EP
435555** Penzance WHS, 96 Market Jew Street Penzance TR18 2LE
436801** Aberdeen WHS, 408-412 Union Street Aberdeen AB10 1PD
441549** Yeovil WHS, 10 Middle Street Yeovil BA20 1LZ
447548** Swindon WHS, 10-12 Regent Street Swindon SN1 1JQ
453420** Liverpool WHS,1-3 South John Street, Liverpool One Shopping Centre Liverpool L1 8BN
454427** Chorley WHS, 6-8 New Market Street Chorley PR7 1BY
460523** Cirencester WHS, 19-21 Castle Street Cirencester GL7 1QD
471511** Bristol WHS, 27 The Galleries, Broadmead Bristol BS1 3XB
496217** Leicester WHS, 39 Gallowtree Gate Leicester LE1 5GD
496420 Liverpool Central Village, Lewis Building, 6 Renshaw Street Liverpool L1 2SA
501329** Newcastle WHS, 36 Northumberland St Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 7DE
504217** Oakham McColls, 30-32 High Street Oakham LE15 6AL
516611** St Fagans Rd Spar, 2 Fairwater Green, St Fagans Road Cardiff CF5 3BA
520136** Great Yarmouth WHS, 183 King Street Great Yarmouth NR30 1LS
554201** Harborne WHS, 95 High St, Harborne, Birmingham Harborne B17 9NR
555227** Nottingham WHS, 124-126 Victoria Shopping Centre Nottingham NG1 3QD
558136** Norwich WHS, 31-33 St. Stephens St Norwich NR1 3QP
559136** Lowestoft WHS, 87-89 London Road Lowestoft NR32 1LS
565611** Cardiff 83-85 Queen Street Cardiff CF10 2NX
584246** Solihul WHS, 5 Mell Square Solihul B91 3AZ
601519** Honiton WHS, 109 High Street Honiton EX14 1PE
602519** Barnstaple WHS, 76 High Street Barnstaple EX31 1HP
619519** Exeter WHS, 34-35 The Guildhall Shopping Centre Exeter EX4 3NJ
676614** Wrexham WHS, 58 Hope Street Wrexham LL11 1BE
682323** Harrogate WHS, Victoria Shopping Centre, Cambridge Street Harrogate HG1 1AE
683323** Pontefract WHS, 37-39 Market Place Pontefract WF8 1AG
  WHS indicates the Office is a concession in a W.H Smiths store; The change to WHS offices started in 2016.
* Closed Offices
** Offices confirmed with NCR Post & Go Machines (text annotation in pale blue)

Royal Mail Enquiry Office Machines, etc, Machine Codes and Locations

~~ These are RM Series II machines; the machine number is the second block on the bottom code line.
Machine Museum/Enquiry Office Address Location Postcode
M001 B.F.P.O R.A.F Northolt, West End Rd Ruislip HA4 6NG
M002 Crewe Unit 4.5, Weston Road Crewe CW1 6AR
  Mount Pleasant Phoenix Place London WC1X 0DG
M003 Bradford North Inkersley Road Bradford BD1 4RS
M004 Kingston upon Thames 79A Villiers Road Kingston KT1 3AW
M005 Croydon 36-40 Factory Lane Croydon CR0 3RL
M006 Doncaster Middle Bank Doncaster DN4 5NE
M007 Royal Mail HQ 100 Victoria Embankment London EC4Y 0HQ
M010 Norwich      
M011 MOD Abbey Wood Abbey Wood Stoke Gifford BS34 8JH

Post & Go Faststamp Rates

Tariff Rate
First Class Label
1st NVI up to 100g 8th October 2008  
1st Large NVI up to 100g 8th October 2008  
Europe up to 20g 8th October 2008
Oct 2014
Euro 20g / World 10g 28th April 2014 (BPMA)
5th June 2014 (NCR machines)
Oct 2014 (Wincor Machines)
Europe up to 60g Introduced 31st Mar 2014
29th Mar 2015
Europe up to 100g Introduced 30th Mar 2015
31th Aug 2020
Euro 100g / World 20g Introduced 1st Sep 2020
Worldwide up to 10g 8th October 2008
30th Mar 2014
Worldwide up to 20g 8th October 2008
31th Aug 2020
Worldwide up to 40g Introduced 14th Sep 2011
Roll-out in Offices from 14th Oct 2011
30th Mar 2014
Worldwide up to 60g Introduced 31st Mar 2014
29th Mar 2015
Worldwide up to 100g Introduced 30th Mar 2015
31th Aug 2020
World 100g / Zone 1-3 Introduced 1st Sep 2020  
World 100g / Zone 2 Introduced 1st Sep 2020  
Second Class Label
2nd NVI up to 100g Introduced 20th Feb 2013
Roll-out in Offices (NCR machines) from Spring 2014
2nd Large NVI up to 100g Introduced 20th Feb 2013
Roll-out in Offices (NCR machines) from Spring 2014

Pictorial Labels - Faststamps

These have consisted of six different designs per issue (four different designs for some Christmas issues - two for second Class and two for first class). The reason for having six relates to the printing cylinder circumference which was set for eighteen images per column. Since the Wincor Post and Go machines have an automatic cut set at a maximum of five it means continuous strips of the six different designs cannot be obtained (the Exhibition machines at the Royal Mail stand at Stampex, etc do vend strips of six). The Wincor machines were modified when the Worldwide 40g tariff rate was introduced giving 'collectors' strips consisting of two strips of three.

  Series Designs Issue Date
Birds I Blue Tit, Goldfinch, Robin, Wood Pigeon, Sparrow, Starling 17 Sep 2010
  Birds II* Magpie, Chaffinch, Greenfinch, Collared Dove,
Blackbird, Long Tailed Tit
24 Jan 2011
  Birds III* Mallard, Greylag Goose, Kingfisher, Moorhen,
Mute Swan, Great Crested Grebe
19 May 2011
  Birds IV Puffin, Gannet, Qystercatcher, Ringed Plover, Cormorant, Arctic Tern 16 Sep 2011
  * The Worldwide 40g rate was not rolled out until 14th Oct 2011. Consequently, only a few Offices still using 'old stock' produced this rate on Birds II and Birds III. Bird IV are commonly found with the Worldwide 40g rate,
  Farm Animals I Sheep; Welsh Mountain Badger Face, Dalesbred, Jacob, Suffolk, Soay and Leicester Longwool 24 Feb 2012
  Farm Animals II Pigs; Berkshire, Gloucestershire Old Spots, Oxford Sandy and Black, Welsh, Tamworth and British Saddleback 24 Apr 2012
  Farm Animals III Cattle; Aberdeen Angus, Highland, Irish Moiled, Red Poll, Welsh Black and White Park 28 Sep 2012
  Union Flag Union Flag 21 May 2012

Robin (as Birds I) with year code - 'MAI2'

6 Nov 2012
  Freshwater I Pond Life; Water Beetle, Stickleback, Smooth Newt, Fairy Shrimp, Dragonfly and Glutinous Snail 22 Feb 2013
  Freshwater II Lakes Life; Perch, European Eel, Carp, Caddis Fly Larvae, Arctic Char and Toad 25 Jun 2013
  Freshwater III River Life; Minnow, River Lamprey, Atlantic Salmon. Mayfly Larva, Crayfish and Brown Trout. 20 Sep2013
  Union Flag Union Flag with year code - 'MAI3' 19 Jul 2013

Robin (as Birds I) with year code - 'MAI3'

5 Nov 2013
  Flowers I Snowdrop, Primrose, Dog Violet, Lesser Celandine, Wild Daffodil and Blackthorn 19 Feb 2014
  Flowers II Forget-me-not, Common Poppy, Dog Rose, Spear Thistle, Heather and Cultivated Flax 17 Sep 2014
  Remembrance Poppy (as Flowers II) with year code - 'MAI4' 21 Oct 2014
  Flowers III Common Ivy, Mistletoe (2nd Class NVI);
Butchers Broom, Holly (1st Class NVI)
13 Nov 2014
  Working Sail Pilot boat, Herring drifter, Humber sloop, Fifie, Grimsby smack and Smack 18 Feb 2015
  Heraldic Beasts The Lion, Unicorn, Yale, Dragon, Falcon and Griffin 13 May 2015
  Sea Travel Dover, Hong Kong, Sydney, Viet Nam, New York and Venice 16 Sep 2015
  Remembrance Poppy (as Flowers II) with year code - 'MAI5' 19 Oct 2015
  Winter Fur Redwing, Mountain Hare (2nd Class NVI)
Squirrel, Fox (1st Class NVI)
16 Nov 2015
  RM Heritage Post Boy, Mail Coach, Packet Ship, Travelling Post Office , Airmail and Royal Mail Minivan 17 Feb 2016
  Ladybirds Seven Spot Ladybird, Fourteen Spot Ladybird, Orange Ladybird, Heather Ladybird, Striped Ladybird and Water Ladybird 14 Sep 2016
  Remembrance Poppy (as Flowers II) with year code - 'MAI6' 24 Oct 2016
  Hibernating Animals Hedgehog, Grass Snake (2nd Class NVI)
Dormouse, Long-eared bat (1st Class NVI)
14 Nov2016
  RM Heritage Mail by Rail 15 Feb 2017
  Machin 50 Wreathed Head Machin - Six different colours 5 Jun 2017
  RM Heritage Mail by Air with year code - 'RI7YAL' 13 Sep 2017
  Remembrance Poppy (as Flowers II) with year code - 'RI7YAL' 24 Oct 2017
  Flowers III Common Ivy, Mistletoe (2nd Class NVI) year code - 'CLI7S';
Butchers Broom, Holly (1st Class NVI) year code - 'RI7YAL'
13 Nov 2017
  Game of Thrones Game of Thrones (2nd Class NVI) year code - 'CLI8S';
Game of Thrones (1st Class NVI)
year code - 'RI8YAL'
23 Jan 2018
  RM Heritage Mail by Sea with year code - 'RI8YAL' 14 Feb 2018
  RM Heritage Mail by Bike with year code - 'RI8YAL' 12 Sep 2018
  Remembrance Poppy (as Flowers II) with year code - 'RI8YAL' 23 Oct2018

When the Pictorial Label Faststamps have been exhausted the standard Machin or Union Flag version will be vended from the Post and Go Machines.

Post & Go Check List - typefaces summary

Design(s) Text description / Change
Wincor Nixdorf
Large text
Compact text
Machin Head *  
Machin Head Cyan / blue - for second class; with year code - 'MAI2'
Machin Head * with year code - 'MAI3'
Machin Head Cyan / blue - for second class; with year code - 'MAI3'
Machin Head * with year code - 'MAI4'
Machin Head * with year code - 'MAI5'
Machin Head with year code - 'MAI5'
Machin Head * with year code - 'MAI6'
Machin Head with year code - 'CLI6S'
Machin Head *
Large Horizon Style
with year code - 'MAI6'
Machin Head *
Large Horizon Style
with year code - 'MAI7'
Machin Head with year code - 'CLI7S'
Machin Head * with year code - 'RI7YAL'
Machin Head * with year code - 'RI8YAL'
Machin Head with year code - 'CLI8S'
Machin Head * with year code - 'RI9YAL'
Machin Head * with year code - 'R20YAL'
* - These are the First Class version - olive brown base colour label.
Birds I  
Birds II  
Birds III (Freshwater)  
Birds IV (Seabirds)  
Farm I (Sheep)  
Farm II (Pigs)  
Farm III (Cattle)  
Union Flag  
Christmas (Robin) with year code - 'MAI2'
Union Flag with year code - 'MAI3'
Christmas (Robin) with year code - 'MAI3'  
Remembrance (Poppy) with year code - 'MAI4'
Remembrance (Poppy) with year code - 'MAI5'
Remembrance (Poppy) with year code - 'MAI6'
Remembrance (Poppy) with year code - 'RI7YAL'
Remembrance (Poppy) with year code - 'RI8YAL'
Freshwater I (Ponds)  
Freshwater II (Lakes)  

Freshwater III (Rivers)

Flowers I (Spring) with year code - 'MAI4'
Flowers II (Symbolic) with year code - 'MAI4'
Flowers III
(Winter Greenery)
with year code - 'MAI4'
Working Sail with year code - 'MAI5'
Heraldic Beast with year code - 'MAI5'
Sea Travel with year code - 'MAI5'
Winter Fur with year code - 'MAI5'
RM Heritage with year code - 'MAI6'
Ladybirds with year code - 'MAI6'
Hibernating Animals with year code - 'MAI6'
RM Heritage
~Mail by Rail
with year code - 'MAI7'
Wreathed Head Machin  
RM Heritage
~Mail by Air
with year code - 'RI7YAL'
Flowers III
(Winter Greenery)
with year code - 'CLI7S'
with year code - 'RI7YAL'
Games of Thrones
[Second class]
with year code - 'CLI8S'
Games of Thrones
[First class]
with year code - 'RI8YAL'
RM Heritage
~Mail by Sea
with year code - 'RI8YAL'
RM Heritage
~Mail by Bike
with year code - 'RI8YAL'
*1 - Only available from a few offices
*2 - Worldwide 40g rate only available from a few offices
*3 - Worldwide 40g rate generally available
*4 - 1st class NVI versions were available from Carrrier Cards (Presentation Packs)
*5 - RM Series I Dual Reel machines at Stampex - Office code A9GB12
*6 - RM Series I Dual Reel machines at Camden - Office code ANGB12; ADGB12
*7 - RM Series II Dual Reel machines at Spring Stampex 2014 - Office code B2GB14
*8 - Can be found with the Europe 60g and Worldwide 60g rates introduced 31 Mar 2014
*9 - Two designs for first class rate (usage of second class rate designs were errors)
*10 - Two designs for first class rate and two different designs for second class rate.

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