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Pages covering the latest issues and printings including Cylinder and Printing Date listings:-

Latest Machin Sheet cylinder and date blocks.
Updated Feb 2017
Latest Machin Self Adhesive Sheet cylinder and date blocks.
Updated Oct 2018
Latest Business Sheets.
Updated Oct 2018
Business Sheet Top Panels - Walsall printings
~ dates from mid 2007 to 2008.
~ dates from 2012 onwards
Updated Nov 2018
Business Sheet Top Panels - De La Rue printings
Additional security features including
iridescent layer
~ dates from late 2008 to 2011.
Updated Mar 2013
Latest Country Pictorial [Regional] Sheet cylinder/plate and date blocks.
Updated Nov 2018
Latest Retail Booklet printings including cylinder combinations.
Updated Nov 2018
Latest Prestige Stamp Booklet printings.
Updated Sep 2018
Latest Coil / Roll printings.
Updated Jan 2016
Latest Post and Go printings;
Machin, Machin Wreathed Heada and Union Flag.
Stampex and World Exhibitions.
Updated Sep 2017
Latest Post and Go printings
~~Themed Pictorial Series.
Updated Nov 2018
10 Latest Post and Go printings;
The Postal Museum (old BPMA), other Museums and
Private Sponsored events, etc.
Updated Mar 2018
11 Latest Self Adhesive Revised Paper Substrate Types.
Listing Upright and Inverted versions of the
'ROYAL MAIL' text in the paper substrate (SBP2).
Updated Nov 2018

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