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2020 Summary

Date Issue Source Value Printer
21st Jan 50p and 1st RMSF Walsall Printings
both with year code MI9L
Sheets   Walsall
21st Jan Video Games Retail Booklet 6x1st Walsall
11th Feb Visions of the Universe Prestige Booklet £16.10 Cartor
10th Mar London 2020 Retail Booklet 6x1st  
17th Mar James Bond Retail Booklet 6x1st  
17th Mar James Bond Prestige Booklet £16.99  
17th Mar Seven new Tariff Rates 1.42, 1.63, 1.68,
2.42, 2.97, 3.66 and 3.82.
Sheets   Walsall
17th Mar Two new Country Tariff Rates 1.42 and 1.63. Sheets   Cartor
8th May End of World War II      
3rd Nov Christmas      


2020 General Notes

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) codes are allocated on a company by company basis. The four current printers hold the following FSC codes :-

FSC Code
De La Rue

International Security Printers is a group name that includes Cartor and Walsall. Thus, when this is quoted by Royal Mail, the FSC code needs to be referred to in order to determine the printer in the group that actually printed the product.

The prevailing Royal Mail tariff rates for NVI values are :-

Rate Prices from 25th March 2019
Second class
First class
Large Second class
Large First class
Europe (20 gms) World (10 gms)
Europe (100 gms)
Worldwide (20 gms)
Worldwide (100 gms)
Royal Mail Signed For First
Royal Mail Signed For Large
Special Delivery (to 100g)
Special Delivery (to 500g)
Post & Go Collectors Strips : Second Class 1.44 and First Class 8.56.

Royal Mail announced on 21st February 2020 new tariff rates with the second class rate rising 4p from 61p to 65p and the first class rate by 6p - from 70p to 76p. The changes come into effective on 23rd March 2020. To view the new Royal Mail Price card - Click Royal Mail 2019 Price List here.

January 2020

The Walsall printings of the Machin 50p and 1st RMSF NVI with the year code 'MI9L' were officially issued on 21st January 2020. The 1st RMSF NVI had been found in Post Offices last year (October 2019).

The first special issue of the year had the theme 'Video Games' and was issued on 21st January 2020. A Minisheet and Custom Retail Booklet accompanied the issue, both of which feature the video game - Tomb Raider. The two 1st class NVI special issue stamps from the booklet have 'Tomb Raider 1996' and 'Tomb Raider 2013' designs (both ex Minisheet). The 4x1st class NVI Royal Mail Red stamps have the iridescent codes of 'MCIL' and 'M20L'.

February 2020

Visions of the Universe special stamps were issued on 11th February 2020. A Prestige Stamp Booklet was associated with this special issue and was priced at £16.10. The booklet contained two Machin panes - pane 2 containing 2x5p, 2x10p and 4x1st NVI Country Pictorial stamps and pane 4 containing 2x1p, 4x2p and 2x£1.35. The Machin stamps have the iridescent codes of 'MPIL' and 'M19L'.

Visions of the Universe - pane 2
Visions of the Universe - pane 4

March 2020

A set of Special Issue stamps will be issued on 17th March 2020 featuring James Bond. Associated products include a Retail and Prestige Stamp Booklet (priced at £16.99). The Machin pane (pane 4) in the Prestige Booklet contains 2x2p, 2x2nd NVI and 4x1st NVI Pictorial Flag stamps (2xScottish Saltire and 2xUnion Flags). The Machin stamps have the iridescent codes of 'MPIL' and 'M19L'.

Seven new Machin stamps will be issued on 17th March 2020 in respect of the Tariff Rate change on 23rd March 2020. These will be the following values :-

Garnet Red
Counter Sheet
Sunset Red
Tarragon Green
Purple Heather
Rose Pink
Harvest Gold
Holly Green


Also, on the same day, £1.42 and £1.63 values will be issued for the Country Pictorial designs replacing the prevailing £1.35 and £1.55 values.

  Value Country Design
  £1.42 England Oak Tree
Counter Sheet
New value
  £1.63   Tudor Rose      
  £1.42 N. Ireland Linen      
  £1.63   Parian China      
  £1.42 Scotland Thistle      
  £1.63   Tartan      
  £1.42 Wales Daffodil
  £1.63   Feathers      

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