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2021 Summary

Date Issue Source Value Printer
1st Jan Tariff Rate changes Post & Go   Walsall
14th Jan National Parks Retail Booklet 6x1st Walsall
16th Feb Only Fools and Horses PSB    
  Only Fools and Horses Retail Booklet    


2021 General Notes

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) codes are allocated on a company by company basis. The four current printers hold the following FSC codes :-

FSC Code
De La Rue

International Security Printers is a group name that includes Cartor and Walsall. Thus, when this is quoted by Royal Mail, the FSC code needs to be referred to in order to determine the printer in the group that actually printed the product.

January 2021

New Tariff Rates came into effect on 1st January 2021. The 2nd class rate rose from 65p to 66p, while the 1st class rate rose from 76p to 85p. Some of the other NVI rate changes include :-

Rate Old Price Prices from 1st Jan 2021
Second class
First class
Large Second class
Large First class
Europe (20 gms) World (10 gms)
Europe (100 gms)
Worldwide (20 gms)
Worldwide (100 gms)
Royal Mail Signed For First
Royal Mail Signed For Large
Special Delivery (to 100g)
Special Delivery (to 500g)
Post & Go Collectors Strips : Second Class rises from 1.53 to 1.62 and First Class from 10.11 to 13.84.

To view the Royal Mail Price card effective from 1st Jan 2021 - Click Royal Mail Jan 2021 Price List here

New Machin and Country Pictorial values were issued on the 23rd December 2020 to cover these Tariff rate changes - Click Link to latest Machin denominations here to view.

The Post & Go Collectors strip of six now has the NVI Tariff Rates - 1st. 1st Large, Euro 100g / World 20g, Worldwide 100g, Europe Large 100g and Worldwide Large 100g.

The four higher NVI values from the Collectors Strip of Six

The first special issue for 2021 takes the theme - National Parks and will be issued on 14th January 2021. A Custom Retail Booklet will accompany this issue and was printed by Walsall. Custom Retail Booklet of 6x1st. This contains two 1st class NVI special issue stamps - 'Peak District' and 'Snowdonia'. The 4x1st class NVI Royal Mail Red stamps have the iridescent codes of 'MCIL' and 'M21L'.

February 2021

A set featuring the television programme - Only Fools and Horses will be issued on 16th February 2021.


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