Navigating the Web Site

1st January 2023

Due to ongoing health issues we have reluctantly removed the on-line buying options from our web pages. This will be kept under review and the facility will be restored when its practicable to do so.

The menu bars running down the left hand side provide access to the various Web pages available. When you place the mouse (hover) over any of these items the colour of the menu item will change from yellow to green to indicate the item is ready to be selected - Click the item to enter the Web page. Some of these menu options will have sub menus - these are indicated by a triangular pointer on the right hand side of the entry. By clicking on these entries the sub menu will appear (or disappear). The 'Home' bar (just below the Delta Stamps logo) takes you back to the initial (start) Web page of the site.

Use the menu bar to get an overview of the pages available within the site.

Within individual Web pages, buttons may be present at the top (right) of the page offering further associated pages (corresponding 'previous' / 'next' page buttons will be available at the bottom of the page).

If you find the size of text is not to your liking it can be changed from the top toolbar by selecting :-

Text Size under the 'View' drop down menu


Buying via the Web Site - The Shopping Basket

The side menu on the left provides access to lists of material for sale - e.g. , , etc. On entry to a list, items for sale have check box column(s) down the right hand side. By clicking in the box against any specific item, a tick will appear and that item will be added to your 'shopping basket' (to remove the item from the 'basket' click the box again - this removes the tick and the item).

You can view the contents of your 'shopping basket' at any time by selecting the item from the side menu on the left. This will list the items you have selected thus far with the items totalled. The left hand side of this page has a check box that allows you to remove items previously selected. If you wish to continue shopping just return to the lists via the appropriate side menu on the left. Postage rates will be initially set for UK - special delivery. UK customers can choose from three different rate options by clicking the appropriate service. Overseas customers should click an appropriate postal zone from the international options provided.

To 'Buy' the items selected, click on the ' or the buttons at the bottom of the SHOPPING BASKET page which will then take you through a page allowing you to enter your name, address and e-mail detail.

Once you have entered your name and address detail, click on the button to complete your purchase.

If you had selected 'Purchase Now' you will be automatically taken into the PAYPAL site to allow you to make your payment. When you have completed the PayPal payment process they will e-mail us that they are in receipt of payment and thus indicate that we can despatch your order.


Note 1 : -

By Clicking the 'Invoice' button we will send you an e-mail with details for making your payment. Your order will only be despatched once your payment has been received and cleared unless your are a customer known to us and have agreed credit terms.

Note 2 : -

You are not committing to anything until you have entered your Name, Address and e-mail details and clicked the 'Submit' button. So feel free to experiment. Indeed, in the case of PayPal purchases, we will only assume an order to be confirmed when PayPal inform us they are in receipt of your payment.



This site does not use Cookies - August 2020

N.B. Cookies can be used to record information which can be used for a multitude of purposes both good and bad. Typical uses include; name and address details for repeat users, tracking usage for advertisers, etc. Many sites use them including Google and Facebook.