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Machin £3.00 Counter Sheet Pane (Walsall Printing)
Issued : 11th Sep 2019

Price List pages

These cover Great Britain : Queen Elizabeth issues mainly offering Machin material

Selected: various singles and combinations

Hidden codes: Machin issues with iridescent overprint

QR codes: Machin issues with QR Codes (2D Barcode datamatrix)

Post & Go machine labels (both Machin and Pictorial) and Horizon Labels.

These pages list new material - grouped by date within year

FDC, Literature, Presentation Packs, Special Offers, etc,

Source material including Business Sheets; Cylinder blocks; Date Blocks; Booklets; Coil; Generic Sheets; Minisheets; etc

Counter, Prestige - panes and complete booklets, Self Adhesive, Vending, and Window Booklets. Plain and cylinder combinations are listed.

Coils strips, Coil leaders, Self Adhesive Coil strips, Post & Go strips.

Business sheets including top panels, Country Pictorial (Regionals) Cylinder block and Date blocks, Machin Cylinder and Date blocks, Minisheets, Generic sheets, etc.

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Information pages

These pages provide information covering various aspects of Machin stamps with links into price list pages.

Three pages covering the new reports; the second page provides more detailed information and the third is older material.

Latest printings by category including : Business Sheets with top panel printing dates, Post & Go, Prestige Booklets, Retail booklets including cylinder combinations, Sheet printings with Cylinder blocks and Date blocks, SBP2 paper types, etc.

New issues year on year including tariff rate changes - years covered from 2002.

A series of Fact pages providing background information. Subjects covered include - Cylinder and Date markings on Counter Sheets, Hidden iridescent Source and Year codes, Horizon Labels, Post & Go sites, etc.
Printing details for Special issues (Commemoratives) between 1960 and 1974.

Download PDF format list files, Hidden Iridescent codes, price list files , etc.


A blogging forum intended for discussion of the Machin subject (and other general postage stamp related topics).

The blogs can be classified into one of three categories allowing for ease of access :-

General Comments

Question - Pose a question or query for the community to answer.

Report Find - Report any finds including dates and locations; - remember, when you find something it doesn't necessarily mean that others know of its existence.


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Date Blocks (De La Rue)        
~1997 to 2010  
~Self Adhesive
~Cylinder Blocks
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~Cylinder Blocks  
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Generic Sheets  
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