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New - use to enter a new blog
Help - displays this 'help' info

Current - displays only recent / current blogs (default setting)
Latest - displays latest blog first; and then previous blogs progressively

Comment - displays Comment blogs
Question - displays Question blogs
Report - displays (new) Report blogs

All - displays all blogs

 Grey backgound indicates the original post / question
 Blue backgound indicates the replies

 click on 'Show' (second column) to display the full original post / question

Options (when inputting your blog detail)

format text features - select a piece of text and then click format appropriate button.
The text will then appear within pairs of [$format?] markers - use the UNDO button to remove.

under - underline text
bold - bold text
italic - italicize text
colr - set text to special colour
high - set text on hightlight background
UNDO - remove formating features


draft - re-displays your entry allowing you to edit before storing the blog
attach image - allows you to provide your own image to go with the blog
post - stores your blog directly and makes it available to all
reset - clears your present blog entry; allowing you another try
cancel - cancels the blog entry without storing any info

Send us an eMail if you want want any changes made to your blog entry.

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